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5 players who took more than 300 wickets & scoring more than 10000 runs in cricket history

Every format of cricket has its own different form, so if a player performs better in Test, then in One-Day cricket, then some players get the T20 format.

But there are many players who are in their team For all of them, they perform well in every format and some of these players are some of the players who introduce their talent in Test, One-Day and T20 all-round are given.

Today we will talk about the 5 selected players of cricket who have not only scored more than 10000 runs in their international cricket career but have also taken more than 300 international wickets:

Jacques Kallis (International run – 25534, International wicket – 577)

Jacques Kallis

Whenever there is the talk of an all-round cricket record in the past, future or present, Jacques Kallis’s name will undeniably be found in that list. Kallis, who has played international cricket for South Africa for many years, has more than 25000 runs in international cricket.

It is recorded that in bowling, Kallis proved himself to be the world’s greatest all-rounder cricketer, taking a total of 577 international wickets.

In addition to 166 Test matches and 328 One Day Internationals, Kallis has played a total of 25 T20 Internationals in his international career.

Sanath Jayasuriya (International run – 21032, International wicket – 440)

Sanath Jayasuriya

Sanath Jayasuriya, who batted like T20 in the 1990s, is also considered one of the best all-rounders in world cricket. Jayasuriya has also scored more than 20000 runs in world cricket and has taken more than 400 international wickets.

More than 100 Tests. , Jayasuriya, who has played more than 400 ODIs, has also played 31 T20 international matches in his international career. In the few players whose names Test record of triple centuries in an innings of cricket l

Shakib Al Hasan (International run – 11752, International wicket – 562)

Shakib Al Hasan

The name of former Bangladesh captain Shakib Al Hasan is also included in this list. This Bangladesh all-rounder has scored more than ten thousand runs in his international cricket career.

He has also taken more than 550 wickets in bowling. Has played 56 Tests, 206 ODIs and 76 T20 Internationals in his career.

Karl Hooper (International runs – 11523, International wickets – 307)

Karl Hooper

Karl Hooper’s name may seem staggering in the list of more than 10000 international runs and more than 300 international wickets, but his cricketing records show that Karl Hooper scored 11523 runs in his 329 matches of international cricket.

Along with this, he has also taken 307 international wickets. Karl Hooper has represented his country West Indies in a total of 102 Test matches in his international career, while he has a record of playing 227 ODIs.

Shahid Afridi (International run – 11196, International wicket – 541)


Shahid Afridi

Shahid Afridi, who once held the record for the fastest century in ODI cricket, is also the fifth member of this list. Afridi, who bowled fast leg break, has taken 541 wickets in his 524 international cricket matches.

Shahid Afridi also has 11000 in batting. Afridi has played 39 Tests and 99 T20 Internationals and played 27 Tests in his career as well.