ICC World Test Championship, ICC World Test Championship rules

ICC World Test Championship

The 2019-2021 ICC Test Championship has started. The top 9 teams are participating in the Test Championship and one team will play against 6 of the remaining eight teams. Each series will have at least two and a maximum of five matches.

Out of the 6 series of all the teams, three series will be played at their home and three series outside. The final match will be played at Lord’s in June 2021 between the top two teams.

Although the number of matches of all teams will not be the same, the number of series will remain equal. India and Pakistan will not play against each other in the first two tournaments. If both the teams reach the final, then they can be seen to compete.

Let’s look at how teams will get points in the ICC Test Championship and what are its rules:

It is difficult to understand how teams will score in ICC World Test Championship. A total of 120 points have been set in a series of World Test championships, although the distribution of points for each match will vary for different test series.

# In the five-match series, the teams will get 24 points on one win, while the two teams will get eight points each on the match draw and 12-12 points on the match tie.

# In the four-match series, teams will get 30 points on one win, while teams will get 10–10 if the match is drawn and 15–15 if the match is tied.

# In the three-match series, the teams will get 40 points on one win, while the teams draw 13.3-13.3 on the match draw and 20-20 points on the match tie.

# In the two-match series, the teams will get 60 points on one win, while the teams will get 20-20 on the match draw and 30-30 on the match tie.

Apart from this, the ICC has also made separate and very strict rules for slow over-rate. The number of overs left behind by the team at the end of the match, their two points will be deducted in the points table for each over.

If a final match is held in June 2021, either draw or tie, both teams will be declared joint winners. Although Reserve Day will also be kept for the match, it will be possible only if the matches are not available for the entire time in five days of play. 30 hours (6 hours per day) have been set for a Test match and the match will be played on the Reserve Day only if it is less than that.

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