T-20 Cricket: Top 3 teams to win the most matches in T20 International cricket

t20 cricket

Cricket: T20 cricket has become very popular at the present time. The stadium also gets a large number of spectators to watch T20 cricket. T20 runs very fast and fast wickets also fall, which the audience likes to watch.

The history of T20 cricket is not very old. On 17 February 2005, the first T20 International match in history was played between Australia and New Zealand, which was won by Australia’s team by a big margin of 44 runs.

Since then, a lot of T20 matches have been played. Today we are going to talk about only those top-3 teams which have won the most T20 matches so far.


Pakistan has been number-1 in ICC T20 rankings for quite some time and is also number-1 in terms of winning the most T20 matches in history.

Pakistan has played a total of 149 T20 matches so far, of which they have won 90 matches. At the same time, they have lost in 55 matches. Pakistan’s 3 matches have been tied and 1 match is inconclusive.

2. India

Since the Indian team won the first World Cup of T20 cricket, there are many golden memories associated with India’s T20 cricket. The Indian team has played a total of 123 T20 matches so far, of which India has won 76 matches.

At the same time, India has tasted defeat in 43 matches. During this time, India has one match tie and 3 matches are inconclusive. India remains on the second place of this special list.

3. South Africa

The South African team is not doing anything special in Tests and ODIs at the present time, but they are a great team of T20 cricket. He has a lot of aggressive batsmen, making him a strong team in this format.

South Africa comes at number three in terms of winning the most T20 matches. South Africa has played a total of 115 T20 matches so far, in which they have won 68 T20 matches.

At the same time, he has lost 45 T20 matches. Apart from this, one match of South Africa was tied and one match was inconclusive.

Although a total of 6 T20 World Cups have been held so far, the South African team has not been able to name the T20 World Cup. The first World Cup in T20 history was played in his country.


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