Cricket Records: List of all 10 players batting in the five days of the match in Test cricket history

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Cricket: When the game of cricket started, only one format was played first and that was the test format. Which currently most batsmen do not like to play. The reason behind this is that a Test match should be played for five days.

Keeping in mind their fitness, many young players are retiring from this format at a very young age. In the early days of Test cricket, Test matches were played up to 6 trios. But later it was reduced to five days.

Like you all know that in a Test match, every team bats and bowls twice. But there are some batsmen in Test cricket history who have batted for five days during a Test. Today in this article, we will talk about 10 such batsmen who have shown this feat.

1. MS Jayasimha

The first record of batting for five days in the history of Test cricket is the name of India’s MS Jayasimha. Which he made against Australia in 1960 in Kolkata. Let me tell you, in the 1960s a test match was only for 5 days.

But after playing three days, players were given a day apart to rest on the fourth day of the match, in which Jayasimha scored 20 in the first innings and 74 in the second innings.

2. Geoffrey Boycott

Geoffrey Boycott was the first England batsman and the second batsman in the world to bat on all five days of a Test match. In this match played between England and Australia in 1977, Australia won the toss and decided to bat first. In this match played in Nottingham, Boycott scored 107 runs in the first innings and 80 runs in the second innings.

3. Kim Hughes

Kim Hugh is the only Australian batsman to have batted for five days in a Test match. Hughes did this feat against England in 1980 at the Lord’s ground. In which he scored 201 (first 107, second 84) in both the innings.

4. Alan Lamb

English cricketer Alan Lamb made this record against the West Indies in 1984. In this match, Lamb scored 23 runs in the first innings and 110 runs in the second innings. The West Indies team defeated England by 9 wickets in this match.

5. Ravi Shastri

In the same year, Ravi Shastri also made a record for batting on all five days of the match against England. Shastri became the second Indian batsman to do this feat on behalf of India.

The third match of the five-match Test series went to the Eden Gardens in Kolkata. In this match, Shastri scored 111 in the first innings and 7 * in the second innings.

6. Adrienne Griffith

Adrian Griffith, a former player who played only 14 Tests for the West Indies, did this against New Zealand in 1999. Adrian then scored 114 in the first innings and 18 in the second innings. Adrienne is the only Caribbean player to be included in this list.

7. Andrew Flintoff

Former England team captain Andrew Flintoff became the third player from England to have done this unique feat. Flintoff played in Mohali against India in 2006.

Flintoff scored 70 in the first innings of this Test and 51 in the second innings. In this match, Flintoff also took 4 wickets in his name. India defeated England by 9 wickets in this match.

8. Alviro Peterson

In 2012, South African batsman Alviro Peterson did this at his home against New Zealand. In the match, Pietersen scored a total of 195 runs after batting for five days, in which 156 runs were scored in the first innings and 39 runs in the second innings. Let me tell you that Pietersen, who bats for five days in a Test, is the only African batsman.

9. Cheteshwar Pujara

Indian batsman Cheteshwar Pujara became the third Indian batsman to bat for five days in a Test match. Pujara did this feat against Sri Lanka in 2017. Pujara scored 52 runs in the first innings of this match while 22 runs in the second inning. Although this match was drawn.

10. Rory Burns

England’s left-handed opener Rory Burns did it in the first match of the Ashes series last year. With this, he also became the fourth such player from England, who has shown this feat by doing so.

In this match, Burns scored 133 in the first innings and 11 in the second innings. The match was won by the Australian team by 251 runs. But Burns batted for five days, making this match memorable.

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