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Top 5 batsmen scoring the most centuries against a team in Test cricket

Test cricket has always been a format that is very challenging for every player. With the start of the Test Championship, every team will need their best batsmen and bowlers so that they can perform well in this championship.

Some players like to bat against one team in the longest format of cricket. Batting against these teams, they look at different levels and score a lot of runs.

Take R Ashwin as an example, who likes to bat against the West Indies. Ashwin has scored all four centuries in Test cricket against the West Indies. Let us see which players have scored the most centuries against a single team in Test matches:

1-Don Bradman (19 centuries)

don bradman

Sir Don Bradman is considered the greatest batsman ever. He scored runs at an average of 99.94 in his Test career. Bradman was dismissed for zero in the last innings of his career and because of this, he missed out on batting average of 100.

Bradman, who played most of his early career against Cricket England, has scored 19 centuries in 63 innings of 37 Tests against arch-rivals England.

This includes 6 double and 2 triple centuries. Bradman’s 19 centuries are the highest by a batsman against England. It is clear that Bradman liked playing against England too much.

2-Sunil Gavaskar (13 centuries)

sunil gavaskar

In the period when all the batsmen of the world were shaken by the bowling attack of the West Indies team, Sunil Gavaskar made his presence in world cricket by scoring 774 runs in his first series against the West Indies.

Little Master is also the first batsman to score 10,000 runs in Test cricket. Gavaskar has scored the most 13 centuries against his favorite opponent.

3- Jack Hobbs (12 centuries)

Jack Hobbs

Jack Hobbs, also known as ‘The Master’, was one of the best batsmen of his time. He played first-class cricket for Surrey and became part of the England team.

In domestic cricket, no one has more runs or centuries than Jack Hobbs. He scored most of his runs against Australia. He scored the highest 12 centuries against Australia, scoring at an average of over 54.

4-Steve Smith (11 centuries)

steve smith

The best Test batsman of this generation, Steve Smith, has managed to perform well against every opposition team, but his figures against England are of a different level.

He has scored 2800 runs at an average of 65.11 against England which includes 11 centuries and 9 fifties. In this Ashes series alone, he scored three centuries and three fifties. So far, Smith has scored 6973 runs in 68 Tests.

5-Sachin Tendulkar (11 centuries)

Sachin Tendulkar

It seemed like the easiest thing for Sachin to score against bowlers like Glenn McGrath, Shane Warne, and Brett Lee. He has made a lot of records in batting against Australia.

He has scored 3630 runs at an average of 55 in 74 innings of 39 matches against Australia. Out of 51 centuries in his career, 11 have been scored by the Master Blaster playing against the Australian team.