Cricket fans not want to remember these 7 embarrassing records of cricket

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Not only in cricket, the most talked about in any sport is what new records were made during the match on that day and which players contributed in making them. Regarding the players, their records are also made first.

But do you know that there are some records in the cricket world that even those players do not want to remember, in whose name those records have been recorded in the record book?

In fact, these records are so embarrassing that even the players feel insulted after their name is added to them. There are some records that are remembered for centuries, while there are some records that the makers also like to forget. Let us tell you about 7 such records.

Most of the zero in one-day players

sanath jayasuriya
Sanath Jayasuriya

If anyone asks who gave the real identity to the batting opening batting in ODI cricket, then the name of Sri Lankan batsman Sanath Jayasuriya comes first.

But in the name of Jayasuriya, who has scored more than 10 thousand runs after playing more than 300 matches in ODI cricket, the record of getting the most out of zero in this format is also recorded.

Jayasuriya, who kept a record of 50 runs in just 17 balls, scored zero 34 times in his career. After him, Shahid Afridi (Shahid Afridi) of Pakistan, who hit a century in 37 balls at number two, scored 30 times and Wasim Akram 28 times in his career.

Highest Zero Score in Test Cricket

Glenn McGrath
Glenn McGrath

You knew the record of making 0 the most times in ODI cricket, but now we will talk about scoring 0 in Test cricket. This record is named after Kurt Walsh of West Indies, who is known as the world’s first fast bowler to take more than 500 Test wickets.

Walsh, who batted at No. 11, scored a score of 43 times in 185 innings of his Test career. He was followed by Chris Martin of New Zealand 36 times, and Glenn McGrath of Australia 35, with a score of 0 on his account.

Most often bowled out in Test cricket

rahul dravid
Rahul Dravid

Rahul Dravid was called ‘The Wall’ of the Indian cricket team for his tremendous batting technique. It was believed that defeating Dravid’s bat is a measure of the superiority of any bowler.

But you will be surprised to know that this wall of the Indian team was bowled out most times in the world in Test cricket and returned to the pavilion.

Dravid, who scored nearly 13 thousand Test runs, was bowled 54 times in his career. After him, Alan Border of Australia was bowled out 53 times in his career and the Lord of Cricket Sachin Tendulkar 48 times.

Most runs in ODIs and T20s in one over

Herschelle Gibbs
Herschelle Gibbs

In T20 cricket, the record of the highest number of runs scored in an over 36 is known by the name of England’s fast bowler Stuart Broad, whose balls in the T20 World Cup-2007, Indian Yuvraj Singh (Yuvraj Singh) ) Had hit six sixes in one over.

This record in ODI cricket is named after Van Bangge of Holland, whose balls were hit by sixes in an over by South African legend Herschelle Gibbs at the St. Kitts ground in the 2007 World Cup.

It is also interesting that after Test cricket, South Africa’s Robin Peterson holds the record for being the second most expensive bowler in ODI cricket by also scoring 35 runs in an over.

Who through most expensive over of Test cricket

George Bailey
George Bailey

If it is the bowler who has scored the most runs in an over in Test cricket, then perhaps you too will be shocked to know that this record is named after the great England fast bowler Jimmy Anderson (James Anderson) who has taken more than 500 Test wickets.

On Anderson’s balls, former Australia T20 captain George Bailey scored 28 runs in an over. South Africa’s Robin Peterson is also joint number-1 with Anderson in this record, scoring 28 runs in an over.

Most bowl bowlers in Test cricket

Kurtley Ambrose
Kurtley Ambrose

Whatever form of cricket, the bowler who gives extra runs is never preferred. Then if that run is coming as a no-ball, then it is considered to be the worst, because the batsman is likely to be given a not out on that ball.

But in Test cricket, West Indies Kurtley Ambrose, who holds the record for throwing the most number of balls in an over, was the most favorite bowler of his captains.

Ambrose, who took more than 400 wickets in Test cricket, bowled 9 Nobles in an over in the Perth Test of the 1993 series against Australia. This over was off 15 balls, which is recorded as the longest over in the record book of Test cricket.

However, despite this poor performance by Ambrose, the West Indies won the match by 10 wickets and Ambrose was elected a man of the match for taking 5 wickets in the innings.

Slowest century in test history

Mudassar Nazar
Mudassar Nazar

Test cricket is called a “tuk-tuk game” in which the batsman’s objective is to reach his team safe score on the wicket instead of showing big shots to the audience. But in this also, if a batsman bats 557 minutes to reach a century, what would you say.

The slowest century in cricket was shown by Pakistan all-rounder Mudassar Nazar against England in the 1977–78 Lahore Test.


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