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In cricket, the all-rounder has a different role and importance. Even after talent, many all-rounders do not get to the place they really deserve. In T20 cricket, it is considered easier for the all-rounder to enter the team.

Apart from the bat, all-rounders who have played well with the ball have been many in world cricket. A few all-rounders from the Indian team have also shown their best game.

The best all-rounders in international cricket, by winning the team on the basis of their bowling and batting, make a place in the hearts of the spectators and also increase their stature.

Currently, all-rounders such as Ben Stokes, Jason Holder, and Shakib Ul Hasan have performed match-winning performances for their teams several times.

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Although his name is currently counted among the top all-rounders in the world, he is still far away from the category of greatest all-rounders.

There have been some all-rounders in world cricket that are still remembered by the fans and cricket world. This article mentions 3 great all-rounders of ODI all time.

Sanath Jayasuriya

sanath jayasuriya
Sanath Jayasuriya

This stormy Sri Lankan batsman and a left-arm spinner is not an introduction. Sanath Jayasuriya is the second-highest player in ODI cricket. Sachin Tendulkar is on the first number.

Jayasuriya also took 323 wickets, scoring 13430 runs in 445 ODIs. His job was to give a stormy start to Sri Lanka by playing as an opener. In a one-day career, he scored 28 centuries and 68 half-centuries.

Jacques Kallis

jacques kallis
Jacques Kallis

Kallis, who was calm on the field, was equally deadly in batting and bowling. Jacques Kallis scored 11579 runs in 238 ODIs. Apart from this, he also took 273 wickets in his name.

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Kallis, who plays in the middle order, played the role of a troubleshooter for the South African team several times. It would be right to place him first in the list of all-time great one-day all-rounders. Kallis, who hit 17 centuries and 86 half-centuries, carved his own niche.

Lance Kluesner

lance klusener
Lance Klusener

Lance Kluesner had created an image of an aggressive player in the South African team. He scored 3576 runs in an eight-year ODI career.

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Lance Kluesner played 171 ODIs and any run rate that could be achieved when he was at the crease. In addition to scoring 2 centuries and 19 half-centuries, Lance Kluesner also took 192 wickets.

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