Sri Lankan player Shaminda Aranga took wicket on first ball in all format of cricket

shaminda eranga

Sri Lankan fast bowler Shaminda Eranga has such a record in international cricket that it is not easy for anyone to match. For decades in the cricket world, players have been making some of the other records and these records are also being broken by other cricketers.

But some players on the field have also made such records which are not easy for today’s veteran cricketers to break even. Then whether it is a batsman’s record or a bowler’s. Sri Lankan fast bowler Shaminda Eranga has a similar record in his name, which no bowler has broken to date

Yes, Sri Lankan player Shaminda Aranga is the only bowler in the world who has taken wickets in the first over of all three formats of the cricket. Eranga first took a wicket in the first over while bowling in ODI cricket.

Actually, this is the year of 2011 when Eranga took the wicket of Australian batsman Brad Haddin in the ODI match played in Hambantota. This was his first victim in an international career.

After this, Eranga showed the feat of taking wickets in the first over in the Test match against Australia in the same year i.e. 2011. Shaminda Eranga recorded this record in Test cricket by dismissing Shane Watson in the Colombo Test.

Now it comes to T20 cricket, here too, Eranga did the same thing again and created history. He made Team India’s batsman Gautam Gambhir his bowling victim in T20 International cricket.

For this reason, Shaminda Eranga became the first such bowler in the cricket world to have taken the wicket of the batsman of the front team in the first over in all three formats of the cricket.

Here, let us tell you that in his illustrious career, Shaminda Eranga has taken 57 wickets in 19 Test matches, and in ODI cricket he took 21 wickets in 19 matches. Apart from this, Eranga took 3 wickets in T20 International cricket. He played his last international match against Ireland in 2016.

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